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“Daddy, when you come home from the rat race, can you bring me the rat?”

When my daughter Elizabeth asked me that question I was first amused, then shocked by the clarity of her innocence.  The world suddenly took a new turn.  Absorbed as I was by the daily grind of business and its rules of engagement,  I began to realize that I had neglected my responsibility to my family.  Along with millions of others, I could speak about the rat race casually, while being consumed by the dynamics of my business life.  It took a 3-year old to wake me up to what I was saying, what I was doing, and what I had to do to make my life family-centric again.

I did find a way – by becoming the first father to win a Paternity Leave from the NYC Board of Education 40+ years ago when our second child was born.  I won, and the experience changed my life. I hope this book will encourage you to explore some exciting and perhaps courageous actions that will bring you closer to your family, making the most of that creative genius called MOM or DAD.

There still is no clear national policy on family leave, however; some companies are working individually with concerned local and state legislators.  However, New York State under Governor Cuomo has implemented a progressive plan for the state to encourage paid parental leave. There is still more work to be done on funding this aggressive program and making it work for ALL families.

For all the heroes in our history who changed the rules for civil rights, women’s rights and human rights, this book can also be your recipe for men’s rights too, helping us become knowledgeable, loving and involved parents.

As you go through the pages of this book, think about what you can do to support a national policy on PAID FAMILY LEAVE – parents deserve it. Also, think about the many things you WANT to do with your children that are unique to who you are, where you come from, what you like, and what things you think are most important for your children.


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