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What they're saying

"Reading the fun book of fatherhood brought back the early days of the apollo when i was a youngster backstage and billy holiday, Michael Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald and James brown, among others, adopted me as part of their family. they gave me some of the great learning experiences of a lifetime. thanks jerry - family does matter a lot. The fun book is now my reading choice with the grand kids."

Apollo Theatre Historian and Director of Tours

Billy Mitchell

"Opera is my love and I could sing the songs of life forever. While reading, the fun book of fatherhood, i found myself singing each word, inspired by the love of children and family."

international opera artist from mexico

Juan Del Bosco

"The Fun Book Of Fatherhood is not only a great read about family life and learning along side your children, but also an incredible way of understanding how wealth management can be so important to the family. The value of money and resources is made easy and interesting, looking through the eyes of the animal kingdom, when explaining it to children. I am richer for reading Jerry's book."

Investments Author, Stifel Investments Services, Moldaver, Paterson & Lee Group

Ed Moldaver

"Jerry Cammarata has again written of the most essential books for parents and their children."

Author of “The Creative Writer's Companion”

Stan Corwin

"Every parent should put The Fun Book of Fatherhood on their bookshelf. It is so clever, brilliant, and can put Dr. Spock on the back burner. I wish I knew Jerry Cammarata when I was raising my kids."


Beverly Munter

"A story well told, with humor and sensitivity by the father awarded the first paternity leave from the New York City Board of Education 45 years ago."

Past National President and Board Member, NAACP

Dr. Hazel Dukes

"Jerry's story provides reassurance by both Moms and Dads, especially in today's online world, that rule books and how-to-guides are not needed for parents or children, and that the greatest joy of parenting is making it up as you go along."

Civil Rights Lawyer & Former Radio Talk Show Host

Ron Kuby

"Jerry became the beacon of hope for dads throughout the country, if not the word because of his historic decision to put his family first. His journey down the path of parenting and being granted the first paternity leave will have a lasting effect on future national and global policies. Granting Jerry a paternity leave was one of the most profound decisions made by me and unanimously by members of the New York City Central Board of Education. Reading his Fun Book about how he raised his children, well, it was a treasured experience."

Past President of the New York City Board of Education

Steve Aiello

"A Photograph can reveal the essence of life as, the fun book of fatherhood, has captured the magnificence of parents equally sharing in the lives of their children."

Photographer of world politicians, sports celebrities, fashion industry magazines, and house photographer at the apollo theatre

SHahar azran

"Want a lot of the problems surrounding our kids in this country today to go away? well, the family needs to become the center of who we are as a country. cut the gibberish in Washington dc - give the families of our country a fair shake for Pete's sake. How do I know? I've listened to Jerry Cammarata, the first dad who got a paternity leave from the nyc board of education in the 70s, and what he says in his book, the fun book of fatherhood, makes sense. right under our noses, jerry shows us how all of us can be better parents even by going to the zoo. no kidding. look, we all raise our kids a little differently - sure. but, it will also take washington dc to step up to the plate and help. jerry tells us what the politicians must to do to strengthen our national family policies. jerry will make you feel about parenting. read his book like I did."

wabc radio 770 talk show host and ceo of the guardian angels

Curtis sliwa

"The Fun Book Of Fatherhood is the solution to parenting. Finally we get a look at moms and dads making the family great again."

AM 970 Radio Talk Show Host

Frank Morano

"Cammarata's book, in its prologue and epilogue, offers fresh insights on the mid 1900's, the feminist movement, and corporate work culture. It also features vignettes about how he and his wife, Margaret, raised their son and two daughters (and now their grandchildren), and compares parenting challenges presented by children with those in the animal world."

Staten Island Advance

Carol Ann Benanti

"What a marvelous story about finding human parenting skills through observing the animal kingdom, and to better understand how best to live on this planet. Every parent should read this book."

Climate Activist and Psychotherapist

Marilyn Vasta

"Government needs to listen to what Dr. Cammarata is saying about being able to enjoy parenting. Government and business must see the family as the center of our culture which will be the future success of our nation. Working toward a national family leave policy is another moment in our civil rights journey. Jerry gets it."

Former Governor of New York

David Paterson

"Nothing is more important than our relationship with our families. It is the foundation for all we do. This book embraces those relationships and offers insight, encouragement and some humor that enriches us all. Jerry Cammarata is the Godfather of modern parenting."

Producer, Author, and Screenwriter Among his notable works are Goodfellas, Casino, Father Hood, Blye, Private Eye, and City Hall

Nicholas Pileggi

In the news...

In the News

Wild parenting advice from the first man to win a paternity leave suit


If the problems of parenting have got you down, you might seek comfort in knowing the animal kingdom has very similar problems, and you are in good company in the most expansive sense.

Book Nook: The Fun Book of Fatherhood


In 1973, Jerry Cammarata made history by becoming the first father in the United States to fight for and win paternity leave from the New York City Board of Education. As a result of the national attention he received, Dr. Cammarata was appointed to the White House Conference on Families by President Carter and later served as Commissioner of the Department of Youth and Community Development under New York City Mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg.

Here's How a Father and Educator Deals With Temper Tantrums


Temper tantrums are simply the worst. Not only do they often involve lots of tears and distressing noises, but they can seem unpredictable or worse, unstoppable, making them all the more frustrating and worrisome to deal with. If you're a parent of a toddler, then you know this all too well. And while eliminating temper tantrums completely isn't an option (sad, but true), there are definitely ways to slow them down and repurpose them into learning opportunities for both you and your child. It's all about striking the balance between accommodating their needs without spoiling them. If you're wondering how exactly that can be done, you're in good hands.

5 Best Parenting Books For New Dads Of All Time


It seems that all the advice out there for parenting is aimed at mums. It’s easy for new dads to feel lost and alone when approaching parenting.

But fear not, we are here to help. We’ve rounded up the top parenting books for men.

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